"Tenderness the Essential Art," what a fantastic retreat!

Our daily group classes were very intimate. The daily meditations, breathing exercises combined with Martha’s knowledge, teachings, creativity, and the dedication and love she gives to what she does help me move forward to a better place of love and compassion for myself and others.

I loved her suggestion to take the challenge and go deep within my soul to be my authentic self and honor who I am in my essence because I could reach a higher level of consciousness.

This retreat grounded me, gave me peace, clear up my mind; short- and long-term goals help me balance my body, mind, and soul. I am so grateful to Martha for her generosity. I enjoy sharing her magical life experiences, knowledge, friendship, and love for me, and I feel blessed for that.

I ended those 21-days more wise and happy, the genuine happiness that comes from within. I am closer to God and my true self. I am excited to continue my journey and continue to grow after this transformational retreat.

~ Veronica Meyer

"I truly had no idea that I was going to experience this level of healing and life transformation when I decided to do this retreat!

The first time speaking to Martha I felt emotional as she had such a familiar presence and maternal energy that instantly made me feel safe and adored. She continued to be a source of love, compassion, and support for me, as she guided the group through all the stages with her sincere and nurturing energy.

Through this retreat, I finally let go of limiting beliefs and negative patterns that I have been wanting to shed for years. I experienced such healing in my heart that I am not afraid to live and love anymore! For the first time in my life, I can honestly say I LOVE ME!!!

How amazing it feels! I truly feel connected to Divine and I feel confident with the tools provided to keep me connected. I have a new appreciation and understanding of the importance of meditation which will forever be a daily practice for me. I am more present in my life than I ever knew I could be! I feel so exhilarated as my heart and every cell of my being is bursting with GRATITUDE! Thank you soo soo much Martha for coming into this life alongside me! Much love and gratitude…

~ Jenn Gregory

"Martha has been fantastic!

She is warm, trustworthy supportive, and a very skilled practitioner. I recommend her highly. Her “Heal the Healer” program is a must for all therapists looking to release, restore, and renew themselves.”

~M. Bulger, MRET, Westfield, NJ

"Dear Shakti, I like to say thank you.

You have been a blessing in my life. I appreciate your integrity and clarity. God bless you!”


"My name is Manuel Gonzalez and I want to emphasize the tremendous work we made with Shakti and the aid of Rapid Eye

“Thanks to Shakti’s undeniable gift of healing, her arduous work – she gave me sessions that sometimes extended to 3 hours, the Rapid Eye process, and my commitment I can say that I managed to release my depression totally.

I continue practicing the Life Skills I have learned from Shakti and Rapid Eye Technology. I can definitely say that whoever decides to start this therapeutic process and is constant and persistent, can go beyond their traumas and is able to start a journey of spiritual illumination. I am deeply grateful to Shakti for her love and dedication towards her patients and I hope she can go on helping and enlightening many more human beings on their journey towards healing.” 

~Manuel Gonzalez

During these 21 days, I was able to explore and discover more about myself and know that I already have arrived and can "Be."

Martha’s wealth of knowledge and experience is supreme. She is LOVE, and she will give you LOVE. What Martha radiates will never be experienced in this magnitude with another soul on this earth.

21-days is only the beginning of a life journey of discovering yourself in a sweet environment where you can be vulnerable, confidently knowing that she will support you during your time with her. Martha is practical and is walking her talk. Join her on her next retreat and be prepared to discover your cosmic light, the light being that you indeed are.

~ Sandra

"Ma Shakti is an advocate and protector of the quality of feminineness – not just of femininity or women’s rights as most of us often might see it. She understands this essential quality as the fragrance of the innermost sanctum of both men and women, seekers and non-seekers alike, and she rightfully channels its expression and preservation.

“There are masters who draw us to them through their presence, there are those whose words ring true to us and we want to hear more and there are those rare ones that prove to be a mirror where we can see our true selves, all undeniably beautiful in their unique power to draw us out of slumber. And yet there is a fourth kind – those rare masters who are windows that reveal the rainbow colors of our own potential and innate magnificence. Masters who can not only show us what we are now, but what we were born to be. Masters who not only see it themselves but also know how to show it to us! One session with Ma Shakti and she hands you a picture of yourself – the way you are afraid to imagine yourself lest you feel you’re in a fairytale.

Ma Shakti has an array of tools that she wields with utmost refinement…knowing not only how to use each tool skilfully but also when it isn’t needed anymore. I ask myself what I learned from her – the one thing that has more meaning for me in life -Awareness. That secret ingredient, that potent essence she gathered as nectar from every Master she has loved, lived with, listened to, and learned from, that priceless gem that yogis spend lifetimes yearning to achieve through penance, she simply hands out to you over a cup of tea, with a tender smile that lights up her benevolent eyes and a few gestures of her expressive hands. And you sit there wondering, how on earth I got so lucky…until she snaps her fingers to wake you up and out of your daydreams, reminding you with her sharp voice that ‘You need to be practical Navaneeth!’

~Navaneeth Dwarak

"I feel I have to tell my story because many people can benefit from it. I owe much to Martha Ballesteros and Rapid Eye.

I guess if I could pick one of the benefits from doing this therapy I would say the most important is that I have myself back, I feel free. I didn’t know there was so much peace, power, and strength resting within me.

My father sexually abused me when I was 9. As far as I can remember I always had a great fear about life and a horrible sense of insecurity within myself. My mother was dead, so there was no one there to care for me. I stumble from school to school, later on from man to man, had a time with drugs and alcohol. Life was very difficult, all I wanted was to be dead, but I have a child I have to care for, so friends talked me into doing something about it. I went to AA meetings and that helped, but I felt sort of imprisoned within and I was still carrying so much fear.

Then I met Martha. With her sessions, she helped me to let go of fear and negative feelings. With the life skill classes she gave me, I started to understand how my experience of the abuse became a filter to my perception of life and the choices I made. I choose men and experiences based on my feelings as an abused child. It was such a strange game, for or against men, life, work. I was certainly a prisoner of my unconscious memories. From the very beginning, my changes within and without were so profound that I committed myself to do as much Rapid Eye as I could. I went through all the sessions. I worked with the Life Skills book. It was like entering into a new world. Martha is a real wise woman; with her help, I even changed my eating habits. I am no more the needy person in my relationships and I can really enjoy intimacy now. The best of all is the wonderful feeling to be back in my body and the enthusiasm I have for life. I feel grateful about my life now and I know I have the power to make anything I want out of it. Thank you, Martha, may God bless you for the wonderful help you are to people.”

~Ann L.

"I met Martha previously to a very decisive time of my life, just entering the thirties in the middle of a crisis in my marriage and after being fired from my job as an attorney in a prestigious law firm.

I know now that God always places things in front of us at the right time, and surely that was the reason why Martha was there to help me find in myself the strength and capacity to accept life as it is. That knowledge has allowed me to live my life with patience, love, tolerance, and great faith, virtues that with her help I learned resided in me and were there for my enjoyment. More than a therapist she has always been a tender, understanding, compassionate, and warm human being for whom my personal difficulties have been important as a friend.”

~CR Vaquero

"My sessions with Martha were deep, inspiring, and life-changing. She has incredible skills and profound sensitivity, and she's immensely available, compassionate, and committed to getting to the "crunch" of any issue you're exploring with her.

She is able to keep you on track in a very direct, no-nonsense way while being fully graceful and respectful of where you are in your process. I reconnected to my inner sources of trust, self-respect, and creativity thanks to her guidance and support. I highly recommend an in-depth, continuing series of sessions with her.”

~ Premo, AZ

"Rapid Eye is an absolute miracle and my therapist Martha is a miracle worker.

For years I have been working on myself and still there were some issues I just never seem to be able to move past because they were so deeply rooted. Rapid Eye is so effective and easy it almost seems too good to be true but It’s TRUE. My life has shifted 180 degrees in only months thanks to Rapid Eye and Martha’s intuitive instinct in assisting me to get to the true root of the issue and then release it once and for all. Thank you for giving me true freedom. With love and in deep gratitude I bless you, Martha.”

~Tracy R.

"With gratitude, I write this testimonial. I came to Martha Ballesteros looking to relieve my insomnia, depression, and worries.

I found a very professional and compassionate human being who helped me to let go of my negative thoughts and emotions guiding me to accept and embrace myself unconditionally. I was very efficient in sabotaging myself. Today I know I have the power to make a wonderful life for myself, and I am aware that I’m making my life with each one of my thoughts, perceptions, and decisions. Thank you Martha for your teachings and a great help.”

~Oscar B.

"Dear Shakti being of light and love, I thank God for having met you as a friend and therapist;

every session of Rapid Eye I shared with you was a wonderful journey to explore and recognize that happiness did not have to be searched for very far, as it was within me the whole time.”

~Maria Arias

My experience with Martha was beneficial and meaningful. It helped me understand things from my past that were causing me problems in the present and towards my future.

I learned to find my great potential and what I could do to focus on my goals more clearly. Martha, thank you for being part of my life.

~Durley G. Milpitas. CA