Martha Ballesteros-Shakti


Activate your Luminous Body

This 21-day journey will transform your life. You will leave behind blockages and limitations and will be reborn into your essential nature as Creator, in tune with the Inner Presence of your Divine Self.

We will share a safe and intimate space, free of judgment and competition where each participant is encouraged to be themselves in their true power and vulnerability, flowing with the energy of their own being.

You will learn the Art of:

  • Uncovering your most profound passion and essential gifts.
  • Keeping an inner space of excellence, trusting yourself and life.
  • Creating a loving, supportive, and authentic relationship with yourself and life.
  • Living your life from a place of abundance, joy, and gratitude.


I love you

In our togetherness, we will hold a sacred space for our wounds to be healed and for each participant to uncover their true passion and potential for manifestation. We will meet every day via Zoom for a 90-minute group session. Each retreat participant will receive a workbook to journal and track their process. They will also receive personal support from the trainer during their process. That is the reason why the number of partakers is limited.

We will use specific release processes, sharing circles, Self-enquire, meditation, and stillness to restore our aliveness and be aligned in a loving dialog with existence.

Facilitator: Martha Ballesteros-Shakti

  • Call WhatsApp +1 407-970-1439 for information and booking
  • Investment: $790.00 US
Give yourself this gift!
Join us and become part of this
Caravan of Joy and Grace!


All the individual and group session, retreats and trainings offered are for personal growth and as such are not intended for the treatment or diagnosis of any medical or psychological condition. They complement rather than become a substitute for appropriate medical, psychiatric, or psychological evaluation, treatment and care. If you are suffering from a medical or psychological condition of any kind seek out the advice of a qualified and licensed medical or psychological professional.