Martha Ballesteros-Shakti


About Rapid Eye Technology (RET)

Rapid eye technology is a process of self-discovery that takes you back to your original blueprint––your wholeness! RET guides you towards reclaiming your light. With Rapid Eye, you tap into your old neural pathways, removing a traumatic imprint from the beginning, the very first time that reactive pattern was created.
As you clear, you start to create a new neural pathway with the affirmative information your brain, emotions, and body are receiving. You can apply the power of the Rapid Eye process to general stress, anxiety, depression, nervous energy, learning disabilities, and many other issues.
In Rapid Eye, we start the clearing sessions with pre-birth and birth, going through the different stages of childhood, adolescence, and inherited Family DNA patterns. You will become aware of your triggers and how you react to them (defense mechanisms) and you will learn how to transform them.

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Here you have an example: Imagine a child loses his mother at birth. An abandonment pattern is imprinted in his brain. To deal with it, the child creates a particular defense mechanism. During his life, a reaction is triggered whenever they experience a situation that reminds them of the abandonment. In adulthood, this can become a problem because they may not be able to establish healthy relationships due to the fear of being abandoned. The fear is transformed into trust, love, or any other resource during the RET session. The brain is rewired, and the stored information is reframed in a new context.

With RET, healing happens at all levels of our human experience. We address the unconscious during the sessions, and the cognitive part is well-taken care of with the Life Skill classes through consciously activating the resources you’ve gathered. Our body is a magnificent gift from life. The healing process is viable due to our brain’s neuroplasticity–the brain’s ability to form and reorganize its energetic connections in response to our life experiences. There is still so much we need to learn and experience about the incredible capabilities for healing our precious human body has. It is fascinating!

"I established my Rapid Eye practice in 1996",

And I have seen remarkable changes
in the lives of my clients
all over the world.


Rapid Eye Therapy is a fast, less painful way of reaching and releasing remnant emotional elements and patterns due to:

  • Abuse of all kinds.
  • Addictions of all kinds.
  • Depression, Anger, and Grief.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
  • Family and Relationship Patterns that need lasting change”.

The emotional stress caused by any issue can be released, the body retrained, and the mind educated to think and react differently through RET sessions and Skills for Life classes.

Rapid Eye sessions are available via Zoom.

I have many clients in different parts of the world who are enjoying the benefits of this process. I will send a Zoom invitation when you book your sessions.

What is the price of the sessions?

$ 150.00 US Dollars for a 90-minute session.


All the individual and group session, retreats and trainings offered are for personal growth and as such are not intended for the treatment or diagnosis of any medical or psychological condition. They complement rather than become a substitute for appropriate medical, psychiatric, or psychological evaluation, treatment and care. If you are suffering from a medical or psychological condition of any kind seek out the advice of a qualified and licensed medical or psychological professional.