Martha Ballesteros-Shakti



One of the most peculiar moments of my life was during the first few hours of a five-day meditation retreat in India; my left eye got swollen, and it closed.

I was sent to the local medical center and meditated the remaining days with the left eye covered by an eye patch. There was no infection or insect bites, or any other explainable cause for the swelling. 

Some weeks later, during an inner child session, I vividly remembered my previous life before this one. At some point, my memory jumped to my death during my earlier life. At first, I did not recognize myself, lying dead on the ground in a pile of blood, but my therapist took me back in time, and I was able to see that a solid blow to my left temple killed me. The parallel between those past events and my own actual life was astonishing. I remember being three years old and having a blueish mark on that side of my face and people talking and asking about it.

I was a young seeker in my early twenties during those days in India, and I would not have imagined being the subject of such experience. That event made me curious, and I decided to explore more into this unknown and mysterious realm. Since then, my experiences and healing due to past-life regression have been remarkable. 

Being a Past-Life Regression facilitator has given me the chance to witness in many of my clients a rapid emotional and physical recovery, coming to peace with some of their relationship’s unfinished business, successful career changes, and profound spiritual experiences.

When we start remembering past lives, we access our multidimensional being and perceive our unity with all that exists. Our understanding expands beyond the realms of physicality, allowing us to be free of our sense of separation and fear of death.

Most of my clients come out of their regression experience with a new sense of purpose and clear focus. They feel an enhanced inner drive and feel ready to grow, serve, and enjoy their lives. For many of them, accessing memories from other lives has been the opportunity for a continuum that now makes sense and fills them with joy and enthusiasm about being alive. They also have a new feeling of trust and being cared for and protected by existence.

The Past Life regression process that I offer brings the person to a place of completion and expanded consciousness about the different roles we play for each other and how they keep changing from life to life. We often hear people saying that life is not fair. It may seem so because we have a limited vision and understanding of those roles. For instance, someone may see themselves as victims, and during a regression session, they may discover they have been the abuser. That knowledge and experience helps them feel balanced and free of emotional debris and attachments, bringing them home to their true Being.


Clearing this life and coming to a place of wholeness: Exploring and healing this lifetime and the patterns you are repeating will unbind you to live in freedom guided by the infinite wisdom of Life and your Highest Self.

Connecting with the wisdom of the body: You will be able to explore the lessons coming from a particular illness, connect with the power of your inner healer, and learn the forgotten language of your own body again.

Clearing Generational Lines: This beautiful gift for yourself and your past, present, and future generations is an exploration into the cosmic timeline where you can dissolve karmic contracts, negative DNA patterns that repeat generation after generation and heal emotional wounds reconnecting again to the energy of Unconditional Love and deep understanding of your wholeness and the Essence of your True Self.


Clearing this life and coming to a place of wholeness: Set of four sessions: $ 1,400.00

Connecting with the wisdom of the body: Set of two sessions: $700.00

Clearing Generational Lines: Set of four sessions: $1400.00

All these sessions require a previous interview. We can design them according to your personal needs. Some of them come in sets of four sessions. Each session lasts between three and four hours. After completing the set of 4 sessions, you will receive a 45-minute energy work session that will help you integrate your experience on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

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