Learn a new dimension of self-expression and a beautiful and graceful way of thinking and organizing the fantastic complexity of human thought and communication.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a model and a set of skills, internal resources, strategies, and states of being that we learn and model to achieve excellence and success in communicating to ourselves, others, and the world. The basic idea of the NLP Model is that our nervous system and senses are a filter we use to perceive the world.

Depending upon how we use those filters, either we can perceive a world of infinite possibilities and choices or a restricted one rich in limitations. In NLP, you become aware of the conscious and unconscious patterns that result in the specific behavior of an individual.

People make the best choice for themselves at any given moment.

NLP is not interested in the reason why certain choices are made. It is simply assumed they are the best choices the person could be made at the given time.

“in coming to understand how it is that some people continue to cause themselves pain and anguish, it has been important for us to realize that they are not bad, crazy or sick. They are, in fact, making the best choices available in their own particular model. 

In other words, human being’s behavior, no matter how bizarre it may first appear to be, make sense when seen in the context of the choices generated by their model.

The difficulty is not that they are making the wrong choice, but that they do not have enough choices––they don’t have a richly focused image of the world.”

~ Bandler and Grinder, The structure of Magic, Vol 1, 1975, pp 14.|

There is science and elegance in the study of NLP because it offers the student the opportunity to look closely at the way they use language, images, and perceptions to direct the fantastic tool, which is the human mind. In many ways is like acquiring the right software to allow the mind to function optimally. Changes are often felt immediately or over a few days after the sessions. These changes remain until you envision and create something new for yourself.

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Martha in her NLP Master Training at the University of California Santa Cruz - With Robert Dilts and Judith Delozier

My first NLP training took place at a difficult moment in my life after major surgery, feeling weak and going through severe physical pain, which made walking quite challenging.

Throughout almost a year of weekend classes and study groups, I learned to let go of the pain medicine that had affected my stomach negatively and connect with my inner resources to accelerate my recovery and be pain-free.

My NLP Master Training took place in the same room at the University of California in Santa Cruz, where NLP was born. My teachers Robert Dilts and Judith Delozier are part of the initial group that developed The NLP Model and Techniques.


  • Elimination of allergic responses
  • Overcoming stage fright
  • Positive motivation
  • Parenting positively
  • Decision making
  • Responding resourcefully to criticism
  • Knowing what you want
  • Resolving internal conflict
  • Learning to spell


$ 150.00 US Dollars for a 90-minute session.

You can get your sessions personally or online through Zoom. Book your session, and I will send the Zoom invitation.