Childhood should be a joyful time in our lives because joy is the inherent quality of our true nature. But childhood is all too often a painful time. During those years, children are conditioned to become something that others want them to be. Experts say that a toddler hears the word “no” four hundred times a day on average. That is not the best way to give the child a strong foundation for their life.

Trauma can come in different ways. For one person, the trauma may be the look given by an angry parent; for another, the feeling of a slap across their body; hearing harsh words from a teacher; or the fetus may pick the confusion, depression, and sadness that their mother is experiencing.

As we grow up, those emotional scars present in our body/mind turn into limiting behaviors and negative beliefs about others, ourselves, and life, hindering our development and well-being.

As they reach adolescence or adulthood, many emotionally wounded children keep using certain emotional states to handle difficult life situations. For example, yelling and throwing tantrums to get what they want or hurting their physical bodies to alleviate their internal pain and guilt.

What happens in the Rapid Eye sessions specifically aimed at working with the inner child is that the person is guided to identify their limiting patterns and release the emotions associated with them to finally enter a state of relaxation, confidence, and personal empowerment.

With Rapid Eye Therapy, the person can release negative emotions without having to relive their trauma. With all the newly available energy, there is clarity, space, and enthusiasm to create a new reality, aware of the many possibilities that life offers you.

The child develops coping mechanisms to survive and protect themselves from the abuse received.  Later in life, those coping mechanisms may hinder  their personal growth and need to be changed.

Inner child work is complete in 12 weekly sessions divided into three sets of four 90-minute sessions. The cost of each session is $150.00


Session 1 – Gathering information and learning self-care tools: Health and family history, Goal setting. Learning Energy Realignment––the first self-care tool that will assist you between sessions together with Eye Patching and Life Skills.

Sessions 2 & 3 – Clearing Physical Birth and experience Light Birth. Introduction to Light Proxy work: Clearing the Birth is of great benefit as this is one of the most shocking events in our lives, and many of the negative imprints we carry began there. In the 3rd session, you will experience the Light Birth and specific clearing of generational DNA patterns.

Sessions 4, 5 & 6 – Exploring your Inner Child Timeline and particular Defense Sets: Your deeper mind will take you through the timeline of your early years and adolescence to find traumatic events and emotional wounds that are ready to be released. You will feel more and more light and empowered.

Session 7 – Identifying and liberating personally created and inherited DNA patterns: The purpose of this session is to cut energy attachments and resetting your body/mind system to a new desired higher frequency of love, peace, and gratitude.

Session 8 – Addressing specific needs––Dysfunctional family and Abuse Issues: In-depth sessions tailored to your specific needs and personal history.

Sessions 9 to 12 – Walks to teach the body new skills and set your creative energy in motion. Mirror work. Reframe and Repatterning through pure Light: I like to call this set of sessions the energetic dessert because in here, you will stand up in balance, connected to your Divine Higher Self, empowered, relaxed, in a deep understanding of the beauty of your inner Being and the incredible gift of your life.