Our work with Transformational Coaching and Rapid Eye Technology dissolves the negative emotions and behavioral patterns that do not serve us anymore. When we release those emotions and thoughts, we have space and inspiration to create new behaviors which are positive, supportive, and aligned with our highest purpose. This new energy starts to circulate in our body/mind, becoming the energy generator for attaining our desired goals.

  • Our shared work has two components: the first part is when you come to the sessions. We release the negative energy stuck in the body/mind, peeling layers of memories and traumatic experiences and all the emotions associated with them. The sessions open the space for us to create positive neuro-pathways in the brain––new feelings, new thoughts, new realizations, new language, and new experiences that elevate us.
  • The second part is the work that each person must do on their own. That is to become conscious and learn to identify the negative emotions that surface in our everyday life, like anger, frustration, anxiety, insecurity, fear, confusion, disappointment, etc.

When those energies surface, you have several tools to deal with the situation. One of them is Life Skills. Go through your Life Skills Book and do some of the exercises. Life Skills teach us seven principles: learn to identify which principle applies to your present situation.


Thought is a powerful creative tool life has given us. Thought is always at the beginning of creation. That is why it is so important to shift your thinking towards what is positive and nurturing. Change your thoughts, and you will change your life! Learn to focus your thoughts, and you can create miracles in your life because energy follows thought.


Perception is personal and individual. To have a clear perception of our reality it is essential to become aware that our judgments become filters to how we perceive life, ourselves, and others. As we grow and evolve, our perception of life becomes harmonious because we leave behind many of our triggers and accept life as the incredible gift it is. In those moments of insight, Divine Grace fills our being.


The principle of Choice and Accountability is a door to personal empowerment. Sometimes the universe responds immediately to our choices. If a child decides to put his finger on the burning wick of the candle, he will feel the touch of the fire, and he will probably choose not to do it again. We are always accountable for our choices. That is the beauty of choice that you can choose again and change your life experiences. 


The law of Cause and Effect states that for every action, there is an equal reaction. As we learn to apply this principle into our lives, our intellect and heart will work as ONE, transforming the most profound expression of our inner being into love, compassion, and kindness for us and the rest of life. When we give this to the world, an abundance of the best of life will come back to us. You reap what you sow. 


Life and nature are plentiful, and we are part of it. Overflowing abundance is within our reach; we need to recognize that abundance is our natural state and be open to it. Gratitude is a potent fertilizer for the garden of our life. When we are grateful, fear of lack disappears and, bountifulness appears. Grow seeds of happiness, fulfillment, and love, and you will reap that abundantly. 


We are responsible for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Quantum physics’ discoveries offer us information and understanding about the interconnectedness of everything, including our own body/mind/spirit. Thoughts, words, and emotions influence our well-being. Learning and incorporating all of these principles will help us maintain a state of inner and outer wholeness.


There is a basic rhythm to all God’s creations that holds everything in harmony, including us. Our natural rhythm or frequency aligns us with the planet and the rest of the universe. Many of our issues appear as we disconnect and stop hearing, feeling, and following our inner guidance. Meditation, silence, higher frequencies of love, joy, and healing can restore our rhythm and harmony.

These are other suggestions:

  • Do some rounds of Tapping until the issue is clear.
  • Go for a walk and move your body to release the emotion.
  • Stop in the middle of a discussion. Close your eyes and watch the energy in your body without reacting to what you are feeling. Slow the rhythm of your breath. Take in deep inhalations and exhale slowly.
  • Watch all the traffic of the mind—the thoughts in the mind and the emotions present in the body. Watch this without cooperating with the drama, being just a silent witness.
  • Have a cleansing bath with Epson salt to release the energy.

The task is to notice what is going on inside without reacting––without doing anything. Breathing deeply in and out will sometimes release those emotions. The whole point here is to INTERRUPT the patron. To STOP cooperating with it, to STOP allowing that energy to take over your life.

Sometimes it is good to negotiate with yourself consciously. For example, if what you are feeling is frustration, stop for a moment, recognize that emotion, and ask yourself what you would like to have instead of frustration. The answer could be, I want to feel accepting and peaceful. Then use the tapping to release the fear and to tap in acceptance and peace.

Do the same with anger or any other emotion that surfaces in the body/mind. You can even go so far as to be attentive and discover the most prominent emotion you feel daily, and if it is a negative emotion, you can change it into the opposite. It is like renovating a house step by step.

 That is what I call “waking up and being empowered.” We stop being the victim of our emotions and thoughts. We stop using language that does not empower us. We start to direct the energy and power we have towards our healing, making our dreams come true and having the life we want. Mostly, we go on automatic pilot and direct all our power and energy towards creating horrible dramas and nightmares in our lives.

Again, the goal here is to try to interrupt the pattern. To avoid getting identified with all the DRAMA. That is a golden key, the effort you must make between sessions. Our society is addicted to drama, and sometimes we unconsciously create drama to “feel alive.”

Before you reach out to me, check inside and notice how you feel, what emotions are in your body/mind, perhaps about the situation you find yourself in, or after-thoughts you have about an event or experience.

If I am unavailable when you contact me, you already have material to work on and get yourself ahead; that is the best help I can give you. To remind you to work with those thoughts and emotions. If I pick up the phone or text you back, I will direct you to release those emotions. I will remind you that you have the power to choose again.

This work is an act of SELF-EXPLORATION – it is about OURSELVES, not about “THE OTHER.” If we get triggered by others’ behavior, life gives us an extraordinary opportunity to start dissolving the pattern, releasing those emotions, and creating new behavior. That way, real growth can happen in our life.

Being human is a powerful experience. We are here to grow and travel light. To let go of the old, dark, and heavy. No one can do THE WORK for us. We must do it ourselves.

Thank you for your constant effort and trust. We are creating a new world together where Love, Joy, Fulfillment, and Kindness to oneself and others are the norm.

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It is essential to establish and occupy a compassionate leadership place for ourselves in our own lives and within our families and communities. Once we know how to do this internally, we will learn how to manifest it in the outside world.

~Martha Ballesteros-Shakti