Activation of your
Light Body

The world and your soul’s purpose need you to function from your highest level of consciousness. It is time to learn to perceive, set in motion, and maintain your Body of Light, the essential part of your nature, applying the universal laws that open your heart and creative potential. The misinterpretation of what politics, leadership, and government organizations are, the deficiencies and imbalances present in our civilization, and the chaos, violence, wars, family conflicts, and tyranny can only be confronted and defeated with Light. Come and learn to ignite your flame of power, take your preferential position, and maintain your active connection with the earth and the cosmos; this life may be the most beautiful and abundant adventure you have had in all your incarnations.

light body

Being in touch with your higher purpose means you fully understand the responsibilities and skills necessary to perform in this new role of Bearer of Light and have the internal resources needed to illuminate your way and serve as guide to those who need it.

We will use specific release processes, Light Work, sharing circles, Self-enquire, meditation, and stillness to restore our aliveness and be aligned in a loving dialog with existence.

Facilitator: Martha Ballesteros-Shakti

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  • Investment: $350.00 US
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